How To Use Emojis In Microsoft Outlook?

Emojis can make your email more lively. You can express your feelings in an email using emojis. Microsoft Outlook has a built-in emoji tool; you can also use the Windows emoji manager.

If you type smiley faces using shortcuts, Outlook will turn them into colorful emojis. Unless you are writing a business email, you can always use emojis to make your email colorful.

It’s possible to use emojis in the Mail app for Windows, Outlook on the web, and the mobile app. If you are using Windows 10 or 11, you will not find the built-in symbols of the Mail app.

Use Emojis to Outlook Emails in the Mail app.

Mail app comes by default with the Windows installation, and you don’t need to install the app from Store manually. 

Just make sure you are logged in to your Outlook account. That’s it.

Press Windows + S and search for mail. Click on the app icon from the search results. It will open the Mail app.

If you want to reply to an email, open it or click on New mail to compose a new email. If you are creating a new email, enter the recipient’s email address and subject in their respective field. 

Create a new mail
Create a new mail

Move on to the email body and start writing your email. When you want to insert emojis, press Windows + . and the emoji manager will appear on your screen.

Emoji tool Windows
Emoji tool Windows

Click on the Emoji tab, and you can see hundreds of colorful emojis on your screen. Enter the emojis you want. You can also search for a specific emoji using the search bar. 

Like Windows computers, Mac also has an emoji tool; press Ctrl + Command + Space to open the emoji tool. 

Once you have finished writing the email, click the Send button to send your colorful email.

Use Emojis to Outlook Emails on the Web

Though the desktop app removed symbols and emojis from its menu, the web version of the Outlook email has a dedicated emoji feature. 

First, open a web browser and visit the Outlook website. Log in to your outlook account if you aren’t logged in already.

Click on New message
Click on New message

Click on New message to compose a new email. You can also choose to reply to one of the emails from Inbox.

Provide the recipient’s email address and subject if you are composing a new email. Then move to the email body.

When it’s time to spice up your email, click on the Emojis icon on the toolbar.

Click on Emoji icon
Click on Emoji icon

Search for a specific emoji that matches the sentence you wrote or select from the list of hundreds of emojis.

Once you are done, click the Send button to shoot the lively email.

Use Emojis in Outlook Mobile App

Why should computer users have all the fun? Some things are more fun on mobile. Such as, most mobile keyboards have a dedicated emoji feature to insert emojis anywhere on the internet, whether it’s an app or website.

Open the Outlook app on your smartphone and click on the New message icon at the bottom right corner.

New message Outlook App

Enter the recipient email and subject of your email. Then continue writing your email. 

Fill necessary fields

When it’s time to add some emojis, click on the Emoji icon on your keyboard and choose them wisely.

Emoji on keyboard
Emoji on keyboard

After inserting emojis, click on ABC and start writing again. Then click on the Send button.