How to view, modify or clear Spotify queue?

The queue is the temporary version of a playlist. You don’t need to create a playlist for some random songs crossing your mind. 

You can add them individually to the queue, and Spotify will continue playing one after one, just like it does for a playlist. 

And if you mistakenly add a wrong song to the queue, you can remove it so you don’t ruin your mood. 

You can also re-order the queue if you want. Re-ordering is also simple; drag and drop songs in order.

Spotify desktop and mobile apps have a queue feature, but you may not recognize the queue icon. 

How to view Spotify queue on a computer

  1. Open the Spotify desktop app on your computer or visit and log in to use the Spotify web player.
  2. Click on the Queue icon beside the lyrics icon in the currently playing music area. It will take you to the queue page.Tap on the queue icon
    • Songs will play serially. To change the queue order, right-click on any song and drag it up or down accordingly. Upcoming songs are available below Next in queue section. View Queue on Spotify
    • To remove a song from the queue, click on the beside the song title. Click on Remove from queue. Remove a song from Queue on Spotify
    • You can add any song to the queue. Find the song you want to add to the queue and right-click on it. A menu will appear on the screen. Click on Add to queue from the menu. Add a song to queue on Spotify
    • It’s also possible to clear the queue altogether. Click on the Clear queue button to remove all songs from the queue.  Clear queue on Spotify

    How to view the Spotify queue on the Mobile app

    • Open the Spotify app on your Android/iOS device. 
    • Unlike the Desktop app, you can’t find the queue icon on the currently playing bar. So, click on the currently playing song, and it will take you inside that song.
    • Click on the queue icon beside the share icon. 
    • Songs under the label Next In Queue are the songs that will play next. Click on the queue icon
    • Select the music to remove specific songs from the queue and click Remove from the bottom left corner. Remove a song from queue
    • To change the queue order, click and hold on to the drag icon, then move the track up/down to re-order the queue. Change queue order 
    • You can clear all songs in your queue by pressing Clear queue. Clear Queue
    • To add any song to the queue, search for the music or go to a playlist. Then swipe the song right, click the menu icon, and tap Add to queue. Add a song to the queue

    Most people that look for the queue use Spotify’s free tier. And there’s no queue available for free users. Spotify only allows you to manage your queue if you have a paid subscription.