How to view liked posts on Instagram?

Every Instagram user scrolls past hundreds of posts every day. Often you will find a post on your timeline for the first time and like it, then forget about it. 

After a certain period, you may need to find out who exactly posted the picture you are looking for or the exact content of the picture. 

In that case, you can check your last liked 300 pictures or filter by start and end date from any author. 

The steps are the same for both Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately, if you use Instagram on a computer, you can’t see recently liked posts. 

How to view liked posts on Instagram

The interface of Android/iOS is almost the same on Instagram. So, you can use any device you want to view your likes. 

Open the Instagram app on your device and tap on your profile picture in the bottom right corner. 

Tap on your profile picture
Tap on your profile picture.

Tap on the hamburger menu icon at the top right corner. A menu will appear on your screen. 

Tap on the menu icon

Click on Your activity from the menu. It will take you to the activity monitor page. 

Go to Your activity

Tap on Interactions to view all of your interactions with others. 

Go to Interactions

Click on Likes. It will load your last 300 likes. You can visit any posts you like on this page. 

Click on Likes

You can sort your likes or filter them. Click on Sort & filter from the top right corner. Default sorting shows the newest to oldest liked posts. You can change the sorting if you want. 

Sort Instagram likes.

Then you can filter your likes by author, start date, and end date so you won’t be lost in a maze. 

How to unlike a post you have liked

Navigate to the Likes page using the methods mentioned above. Then tap on the post you want to dislike. Then press the like icon again to dislike the post. 

Can I view what my friends like?

You can’t visit your friends’ profiles and see their liked posts. It’s only visible to the owner of the profile. 

However, you can go to the Followings of your friend and check their recent posts. You can see your friend’s name if he liked their recent pictures. Otherwise, you can only see some of the posts they liked recently.