How to do spoilers on Discord?

Social media is a powerhouse of spoilers. Discord is the same nowadays. As discord communities have various kinds of members, someone will often spoil your favorite thing. 

If you don’t know what a text with a spoiler looks like, you may reveal it without knowing it. Because once you uncover the spoiler, you can’t hide it again. 

As well as, if you don’t know how to use spoiler tags properly, you can also spoil things for other people. 

This ultimate guide is going to save you from revealing spoilers as well as saving others from spoilers. 

How to do spoilers on Discord

Most people use Discord on their computers, so that the mobile app will have a separate section below. 

Spoiler Text on Discord

There are various ways of marking texts as a spoiler in Discord. All of them are built-in on Discord, so you will have no difficulty using them.

Spoiler text using the command

Discord has dozens of commands that are built-in. Anyone can use them to do specific tasks faster. 

One of those commands is /spoiler; you can use this shortcut to mark texts as a spoiler. To do so, go to any text channel or dm where you want to send a text.

In the Message box, type /spoiler and select the command from the search results.

Spoiler text on Discord

Now a message box will appear on your screen. Whatever you type in that box will be marked as a spoiler when you post the message.

After writing the text, press Enter to send the message with a spoiler text.

Spoiler text using the eye icon

There’s a problem with the /spoiler command; it only hides the entire message. You can’t hide a part from your message. 

But if you use the eye icon, you can hide a specific part of your message while the other words will be visible.

Here’s how to do it:

Go to the text channel or inbox where you want to send something with a spoiler. After writing the whole message, select the specific part of the message you want to mark as a spoiler.

Now click on the eye icon, and you can see || appearing before and after the selected words. It’s a shortcut for marking words as a spoiler in Discord.

After marking the text, press the Enter button, and it will hide the text between the special characters.

Using the shortcut

Though there’s no key to type directly || on your computer, you can still type this || before and after a word, which will hide the text inside. To type ||, press Shift + Backslash twice.

So, here’s how your message will look like before sending it:

Hey, ||Iron Man died|| in Avengers: Endgame.

But the result will be something like this:

Add Spoiler to Images and Videos

Users post various images and videos on channels. They can also contain spoilers, just like the texts. 

It’s possible to mark images and videos with spoiler tags on Discord. Here’s how:

  • Go to the channel where you want to upload the image/video.
  • Double-click on the + icon at the left corner of the message bar. Add files to discord
  • Select the photo/video file from your computer.
  • To edit the name and description of the file, click on the Edit icon.
  • Like the texts, you can apply a spoiler tag using the eye icon. Spoiler attachment discord
  • Press Enter, and the file will have a spoiler tag. Attachment with a spoiler tag

How to do spoilers on discord mobile

Mark Texts As A Spoiler

Discord for Android

Hiding texts on iPhone with a spoiler tag is easier compared to Android. Because you can’t just select and mark spoilers in Android.

You have to use /spoiler command to mark as a spoiler or use || before and after the texts you want to keep as a spoiler.

Discord for iPhone

The iPhone app has various ways to mark text as a spoiler. The first method is simple, and you can type /spoiler and type whatever you want to keep as a spoiler.

Second, you can select text and click on Mark as a spoiler to hide texts. 

Discord spoiler iPhone

Images and Videos

You can upload a file from the mobile app and mark it as a spoiler. Unlike texts, files contain a big SPOILER button. You will only reveal the content once you press the button. 

Here’s how to mark files as a spoiler on the mobile app:

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Go to the inbox or a text channel to upload a file.
  • Click on the + icon.
  • Select the file from your device.
  • After uploading, click on the file.
  • Mark the checkbox that says Mark as a spoiler. Attachments Spoiler Discord Mobile
  • Send the message.

If you ever reveal a spoiler you are not supposed to see, you can leave the server so that you don’t have to see it repeatedly because you can’t unsee what you have revealed. 

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