How to delete your Activision account?

If you are into gaming, there’s no way you never heard of Activision or Call of Duty. Whether you play call of duty on mobile, pc, or console, you may have created an Activision account you don’t need anymore.

It’s OK to leave gaming for the greater good. I also played Call of Duty: Mobile for hours every day. But right now, I only play Valorant if I have time.

But the problem is that it’s not easy to delete a gaming account like any social media account. They don’t want you to delete your account. Still, you can delete your Activision account.

How to delete your Activision account?

  1. Visit the Activision data protection portal.
  2. Click on Submit a new request. Submit a new request
  3. Select your Country of residence and tik I HAVE READ THE ABOVE TERMS, AND I CONFIRM MY ELIGIBILITY. Select your country Activision
  4. Click Proceed to Privacy and Data Protection Portal.
  5. Under the Select a request type, click on Delete personal information. Delete my personal information
  6.  Now you have to select your accounts. If you created the account on PC, click on Activision and log in to your Activision account. Select Activision Accounts
  7. You can also log in using your PlayStation, Xbox, or Steam account. If you are a COD Mobile player like me, click on Call of Duty Mobile and fill out the information.
  8. If your Activision account is connected with other services like or Epic Games, you have to log in to those services before you can delete your account. All linked accounts Activision
  9. Complete the Google reCaptcha.
  10. Tik, I accept Activision’s Terms of Use.
  11. Click on the Delete my personal information button.

Here’s what you should know about the accounts:

Call of Duty Mobile: It has a different process than the other games. Because if you log in to COD Mobile using your Facebook account, you can delete your account by logging in with your Facebook account. Or else, you will have to provide UID, Privacy ID, and Player ID.

COD Mobile Account

Third-party logins: You can also log in to your Activision using, Epic Games, PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam.

If you are from California, USA, you can submit your request by emailing

Once you submit the data deletion application, your personal information related to the account and its connected services will be erased.

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