How To Delete Your EA Origin Account?

If you want to delete an Activision account, you can submit a request for data deletion. But EA Origin is different. You can’t just click a button and delete your Origin account.

You have to join the live chat to delete your account. Deleting your account from the app is impossible, and you must use the EA website.

But you won’t be able to delete a banned EA account. First, you must appeal the ban, and if the ban is lifted, then you can delete your account. 

How to delete your Origin account

  1. Visit the EA Contact page and log in to your account. EA Contact Page
  2. In the search box, type Origin & click on Origin from the search results. Search for origin
  3. Select your platform. Select your platform
  4. In the Select topic section, select Manage my account. Manage my account
  5. In the Select issue option, select Delete account. Delete origin Account
  6. Click on the Select contact option.
  7. In the subject field, type Delete my account.
  8. Click the Request live chat button.
  9. An EA agent will join the chat shortly and tell them that you want to delete your Origin account.

As the account deletion is a one-way process and you can’t revert this action, you need to know what happens when you delete your ea account.

Closing your EA Account means

  1. You will not be able to use the account on any platform.
  2. All subscriptions, in-game purchases, and games will be removed from your account
  3. You will no longer be able to use EA forums as the account will be no more.
  4. You have to contact Sony or Microsoft to cancel the EA Play subscription on your console, as EA can’t do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I deactivate my EA account?

You can deactivate your account by using the live chat option. It’s better to deactivate your account if you are taking a break for a while. But if you deactivate your account, you will have to use the live chat again to re-activate your account.

Can I download my data before deleting my account?

If you are logged in to the EA website, go to Your EA Data and request a data download. You can request your data once every 24 hours, and the data file will be available for 24 hours after EA sends it to you. 

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