How To Create A Discord Server?

At some point in playing video games, we want to build our own community. We meet dozens of strangers online and want to stay connected. Discord made this easier than ever.

You can create a server in a few seconds and start inviting your friends and family members to join your server. 

A friendly reminder, creating a server is easy but managing it is quite difficult. That’s why we have a series of Discord guides to make it easier for you. 

How to create a discord server?

1. Open Discord

Open the Discord app on your computer if you have the desktop app. If you don’t have the app, you can also use the Discord website on a web browser. Then log in to your Discord account.

2. Click on Add a server

Click on Add a server
Click on Add a server

There’s a + icon at the bottom of the left sidebar. Click on it and a pop-up will appear on your screen.

3. Choose a template

You can see that there are some pre-designed templates such as Gaming, School Club, Study Group, Friends, Artists & Creators, and Local community.

Select your server template
Select your server template

You can pick any of them or create a blank serve, click on Create My Own.

Select Audience
Select Audience

Then select the audience of the server, is it for you and your friends, or is it for a club or community?

You can also skip the question if you want.

4. Customize your server

In the server name field, the default name is the username’s server, you can keep it as it is or you can re-write the server name.

Customize your server
Customize your server

Click on the Upload icon and select a server icon from your computer. 

5. Create your discord server

After providing the server name and uploading the icon, click on the Create button and the server will be added to your sidebar.

Hurray, now you have a server and you can start sharing it with your friends and community.

How to create a discord server on mobile?

Discord server is a powerful app that can handle most of the tasks you can do from the desktop app or web version. 

You can also create a server using the Discord mobile app. The process is the same as the desktop app. 

  1. Open the Discord app on your mobile.
  2. Tap on the + icon at the left sidebar.
  3. Select a template or click on Create My Own.
  4. Select the audience or skip it.
  5. Enter your server name.
  6. Upload server icon.
  7. Press the Create button.

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